Lucy O'Hagan

Doctor. Patients. Stories.


I have spent much of the last decade talking to doctors about their lived experience… their stress, their hopes and joys, their workplace issues, their mental health, their lives. Where they are going. Where they have been.  

I have also been a GP teacher for many years, including one on one mentoring for GP registrars who need extra support. I can teach communication skills and assist with preparation for GP exams or assessments. I have had the wonderful experience of leading the Whakatipu group for GP registrars whose first language is not English, or who registered in NZ via the NZREX pathway. 

I understand the medical world…I have been a rural GP, a practice owner, an employer, a health hub builder and a lover of the challenges and inspirations that occur in the consultation room. 

I am happy to assist doctors who are struggling with the effect of an error or complaint.

I have had a profound episode of burnout, as well as other challenging chapters in my personal story. I believe these human experiences ultimately shape who we are as doctors and inform our practice in profoundly positive ways.

Dr. Lucy O'Hagan - Doctor Writer and GP Mentor

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