Lucy O'Hagan

Doctor. Patients. Stories.

Doctor. Patients. Stories.

Lucy O'Hagan
Doctor, writer, speaker, mentor.

“It is through the telling of stories that we make sense of ourselves and each other. ”

- Dr Lucy O'Hagan -

Dr Lucy O'Hagan on the beach

haere mai and welcome!

I am a doctor, writer, speaker, teacher and mentor, from Aotearoa New Zealand. My interest is in the curious relationship between doctors, patients and their stories.

I have worked mainly in the community in a variety of contexts from rural and urban, wealthy to impoverished, 90% Pākeha to 90% Māori/Pacifica, from those with health insurance to those who can only come because it is free.

Tēna kotou katoa. Nō Aerani ōku tīpuna.

Ka tū ahau i raro, i te maru o Tititea, i runga i te tahataha, o Mata-Au, i runga i te tai, o Hāwea.

Ko tēnei taku mihi, ki ngā tāngata whenua, o te Waipounamu, me te motu o Aotearoa.

Ko Lucy OHagan toku ingoa.
Nō reira tēna kotou, tēna kotou katoa.

read, listen, be heard

Dr. Lucy O'Hagan - Doctor Writer and GP Mentor


I write about everything except the medicine. My stories excavate the medical encounter, uncovering how it is to be the doctor and re-seeing what happens to the patient and their story.

Dr. Lucy O'Hagan - Doctor Speaker and presenter


My presentations pierce the heart of the matter, make us sit up, laugh and wonder…and help us understand the stories doctors find themselves in.

Doctor Lucy O'Hagan - Mentoring for GPs


I am on a mission to get doctors to come out of their rooms and talking honestly. Medicine is a fantastic but challenging job… mentoring is a great antidote to isolation and overwhelm.

'Waiting for Covid'


Waiting for a virus to descend upon an isolated island nation, watching the pandemic snarling at our shores.

Written during the Covid 19 pandemic these honest, funny, compelling reflections take you inside New Zealand’s pandemic story through the eyes of a General Practitioner.

Thanks to director Stuart Devenie and sound engineer Danny Fairley of Mirrors Audio. Loved working with you both.


the book is nearly written!

My first collection of stories and essays about doctors patients and stories will be with you soon. Prepare to be moved, shaken and stirred. Be ready to laugh, cry and think again. This book will make both doctors and patients re consider the medical encounter and what it does to all our stories.

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