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I started by putting words on a page so I could look at them. They were more knowable outside of my head. And I gradually found I could make sense of myself and my work as a GP if I rearranged these words into stories.

Over the years these stories and reflections have been published in my regular Column for New Zealand Doctor magazine, in the Journal of Primary Health Care and Corpus. And the book is nearly written!

Big thank you to Barbara Fountain and the team at New Zealand Doctor magazine for all your encouragement. You can support this awarding winning publication here

And thanks to my dad Dr J.J. O’Hagan who questioned everything with gusto. And to my mum who put her red pen through my sentences but always believed in me.

Dr. Lucy O'Hagan - Doctor writer and storyteller

'Waiting for Covid'


Waiting for a virus to descend upon an isolated island nation. Watching the pandemic snarling at our shores. Written during the Covid 19 pandemic these honest, funny, compelling reflections take you inside New Zealand’s pandemic story through the eyes of a General Practitioner.

Thanks to director Stuart Devenie and sound engineer Danny Fairley of Mirrors Audio. Loved working with you both.


Waiting for Covid - Pandemic stories read to you - Doctor Lucy O'Hagan

Recent articles and insights

'Just Wondering'

I have been writing a monthly column for NZ Doctor Magazine since 2017. You can read some columns from ‘Just Wondering’ here. 

For full access subscribe to New Zealand Doctor here. It’s free for GP registrars and it’s a great publication. 

Unpacking my own unconcious racial bias.

It’s confronting stuff. Read here.

Narrating Our Selves

How doctors create their identity through the stories they take part in.

Eric Elder memorial lecture, presented at RNZCGP conference 2016.

Read full article [PDF] or read full text on Journal of Primary Health Care

Doing Telephone Consultations in my Socks

A reflection on doing consultations in lockdown

Read full article [PDF] or read full text on Journal of Primary Health Care

the book is nearly written!

My first collection of stories and essays about doctors patients and stories will be with you soon. Prepare to be moved, shaken and stirred. Be ready to laugh, cry, then laugh again. This book will make both doctors and patients re consider the medical encounter and what it does to all our stories.

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